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Jul 18, 2012 7:00am PDT
joins us live to explain the creative way protesters are protesting higher costs. le. >> reporter: yeah, students here are planning to protest the possibility of a fee increase for graduate students. uc regents are set too meet this morning. students say they will be at today's meeting and will be holding what they call a zombie takeover. they are encouraging people to come dressed as zombies. now, while the regents are expected to free tuition for undergrads, they may vote to increase fees foreother schools, like the nursing programs and -- for other schools, like the nursing programs and that could make these so many of the most expensive programs in the country. some students say the idea of an increase has them worrying. >> i'm considering an mba. that's not something i'm looking forward to, the higher fees. something to keep in mind. >> reporter: you can see some of those protesters starting to gather here. we're planning on talking with them before they head to the regents meeting in san francisco and then we'll be heading over toot meeting. we'll -- to the meeting. for now we're
Jul 17, 2012 9:30am PDT
this guy just took a dump. cc reports, he used something that looked like a sock. >>> 27 people have been killed in japan from flooding and landslides, and this guy has video from what happened near where he lives. my friend said get out of there. he said there was only a little bit left until the top of the levy. >> so it was near his house, and it was overflowing and this was rising and rising. look at this river is absolutely swollen. >> she say that's in his neighborhood, at least one home was destroyed because of the flooding. >> i feel like japan should get a pass for like ten years. they've seen enough destruction. >> that's sometimes the worst part. you're happy the water is going down, but then you see what's left. >> we didn't lose anything, but somebody did lose their house. is there always that mix of emotion, you're happy for yourself, and guilty that you feel happy for yourself. >> i can see what he's saying there. you don't know how to feel. >> an interesting company tear. you're so thankful that you're alive and your house is okay, but you feel bad because so much bad stuf
Jul 18, 2012 4:30am PDT
used by oakland police is still experiencing glitches. a new report commissioned by the city finds that the new system is also plagued with poor reception and not meeting standards when officers are inside buildings. the new system cost $18 million which was funded mostly by grants. >>> female bicyclist is in the hospital with serious injuries after she was hit by an ac transit bus. the accident happened a the the intersection of 45th and san pablo streets. police collected the bicycle with evidence from the scene. it was making a left hand turn. the bikist was coming from the opposite direction. the driver didn't see her because he was sitting between a curb and stopped bus. >>> a woman accused of causing a fatal road rage crash has been charged. what we have learned about the man that was killed in that crash. >>> tomorrow is the deadline for people in the san jose homeless -- ordering people to move out of telepark as they clean up the coyote creek area. earlier this week fliers were posted saying people who do not leave will face criminal prosecution. at least a dozen people ar
Jul 17, 2012 5:00pm PDT
appropriately. >> this concern reflects a particular kind of pipe made at a certain time but using plastic pipe to carry natural gas is normal. they said its flexibility of plastic pipe make itself a better material in some conditions than steel in quake prone areas, ken pritchett. >> preparations underway for a major testing program on a natural gas pipeline near redwood. pg&e crews have searched the area and vented the line for hydro testing. that involves filling the line with thousands of galloons of water to pressure eyes the pipes. pg&e told residents they may detect the smell of gas during the process. testing expected to start next week. the utility plans to test about 185 miles of pipes this year alone. >> a homeowner with a garden shovel managed to scare off a burglar. it happened on indian hill road about 11:30 a.m. the homeowner heard breaking glass and went to investigate with shovel in hand. he found a man inside his home and chased him out. the burglar disappeared but nothing was taken from the home. the suspect is a hispanic with a chubby build. >>> a san francisco police offi
Jul 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
used by sierra pacific industries and its timber partners caused a massive fire in two counties. both sides settled the lawsuit without disclosing the terms. the government was seeking $700 million. >>> a san jose church choir will be singing a capella tomorrow after burglars stole $25,000 worth of musical instruments. father john fadigo says burglars have broken into the music storage room at our lady of guadalupe church three times in the past two weeks. the church has changed the lock on the storage room but the burglars manage to get in. the father says band members are devastated and have spend countless hours holding fund- raisers to try to buy the instruments. >> this place is held together by dental floss and duct tape. we're struggling to make ends meet. there's not money available immediately to get these instruments replaced. >> the church has put out a donation box to help with replacing the instruments. >>> new this morning, at least 78 people have died after heavy rains triggered flash floods overnight in southern russia. 67 of the deaths are in the hard hit town of crin
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5